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Consultative Council

Consultative Body for The Internal Office Of QAU Alumni Association

  Departments / Schools / Institutes / Centers   Representative
  Department of Anthropology   Mr. Waqas Saleem
  Department of Defense & Strategic Studies   Dr. Salma Malik
  Department of History   Dr. Farooq Dar
  Department of English   Dr. Umaima Arif
  Department of Sociology   Dr. Farhan Ahmad
  Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences   Dr. Abdul Razaq
  School of Economics   Dr. Anwar Shah
  School of Law   Dr. Arshad Nawaz
  School of Politics and International Relations   Dr. Summar Iqbal Rao
  Center of Excellence in Gender Studies   Ms. Rabia Aslam
  National Institute of Psychology   Dr. Imran Bukhari
  National Institute of Pakistan Studies   Dr. Manzooe Ali Veesrio
  Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations   Dr. Mueezuddin Hakal
  Department of Chemistry   Dr. Naveed Kausar
  Department of Computer   Mr. Muhammad Naqi
  Department of Earth Sciences   Dr. Mumtaz M. Shah
  Department of Statistics   Ms. Maryam Asim
  Department of Mathematics   Dr. Umer Hayat
  Department of Electronics   Dr. Hassan Mahmood
  Department of Information Technology   Ms. Sidra Batool Kazmi
  Department of Animal Sciences   Dr. Irfan Zia Qureshi
  Department of Biochemistry   Dr. Irum Murtaza
  Department of Environmental Sciences   Dr. Abdullah Khan
  Department of Plant Sciences   Dr. Abdul Samad
  Department of Microbiology   Dr. Imran
  Department of Biotechnology   Dr. Muhammad Zia
  National Center for Bioinformatics   Dr. Syed Sikandar Azam
  Department of Pharmacy   Dr. Tofeeq Ur Rehman